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Aquasorbit, a high performance desiccant, is formed by adding firming agent into Magnesium Chloride (an ingredient in sea salt). It uses chemical reactions to absorb moisture and will become solidified after use, which is a different brand new product.


  • Highly resistant to humidity at low through high temperature ranges
  • Maximum humidity absorption rate is above 210%, which is equal to seven times that of SILICA GEL
  • Long lasting effectiveness & results.
  • Type MX (Fast Effect) can prevent dew condensation effects due to drastic temperature changes
  • Type MG (Slow Effect) can absorb moisture over long period of time for protection
  • The Aquasorbit will become solidified once in effect, which an be easily judged on its effectiveness
Relative Humidity Aquasorbit Type A Silicon Gel Ratio
20%RH 40% 8% 5.0 Times
50%RH 110% 20% 5.5 Times
90%RH 210% 30% 7.0 Times


  • Corrosion Prevention – electronics products, auto products, precision instruments
  • Humidity Prevention – IT related products, precision chemical products, plastic films
  • Dew condensation Prevention – sea container and air freight
  • Mold Prevention – optical products, leather, craftworks, fibers

Under the circumstances that the desiccant’s ingredients are not altered, it absorbs moisture at the rate determined by packaging materials.

● Fast-acting Type MX PET non-woven / PE non-woven / moisture-permeability water-proof film(moisture- penetration capacity of packaging material about 4000g/㎡/24hr)
● Slow-acting Type MG super water-resistant paper / moisture-permeability water-proof film / PE strengthened fiber(moisture- penetration capacity of packaging material about 300g/㎡/24hr)

Special Attention:

  • Keeps inner package sealed after opening desiccant carton box
  • Keeps out of reach of children
  • Do not allow content to be in contact with water
  • Avoids inappropriate use such as bending and applying pressures
  • Do not directly get in contact with metal objects
  • Do not open packaging bag of the content

UNIT PAK Desiccant

Formed by natural BENTONITE CLAY, it leverages its unique shape in structure to absorb moisture. It is best used with DuPont TYVEK packing material for anti-dust and anti-static purposes. It also meets US military specifications MIL-D-3464 E Type Ι & II. Especially at low relative humidity level (20%RH), it has better moisture-absorbing capability than SILICA GEL. Its corrosion prevention capability is stronger than others and hence has become the desiccant of choice for local and international IC semiconductor companies.

RAYM High Power Desiccant

RAYM desiccant’s major component is CaO. It uses chemical reaction, CaO+ H2O = Ca(OH)2, to absorb humidity. Maximum strength: Regardless of temperature change, it can achieve absorbing more than 30% of humidity of its weight, especially under low temperature (at 20%RH with equal conditions, SILICA GEL can only absorb 8% of humidity). Naturally, it has become the desiccant of choice for sea weed and rice cake industries.

SILICA GEL ( Cobalt Free)

SILICA GEL is a highly active absorbent, made from combined solidifying reaction of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid. It possesses mid to weak acid level. By using the theory of capillary action, it leverages 700㎡/ g of naturally-possessed porous characteristics, and has become a widely accepted desiccant due to its excellent humidity absorption capability (especially under high humidity).

Humidity Indicator Card

Humidity Indicator Card allows users to quickly determine close-door humidity level, especially in humidity sensitive environments. By observing color-changing dots on the card, a blue-to-pink color change reflects whether products are well stored in low humidity environment, and hence to determine whether desiccant needs changing.

Comparison Chart for RAYM Desiccant, SILICAGEL, and UNITPAK

Quality Item




Humidity Ratio at 20%RH

Above 30%

Above 8%

Above 12.3%

Humidity Ratio at 50%RH

Above 30%

Above 20%

Above 20.1%

Humidity Ratio at 90%RH

Above 30%

Above 30%

Above 30%

Moisture Percentage


Below 2.5%

Below 2.5%

PH Value





CaO 90% above

SiO2 99% above

Reference to Manual

Grain Size


User defined


Packing Material Humidity Ratio

24hr at 40 ° C 90% RH

User defined

User defined