corrosion inhibiting clinic

Simply put, VCI is Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting. At room temperature, it utilizes emission of rust-inhibiting vapor that dissolves in water in the open air for inhibiting "rust" from electrochemical reaction.

The reason for causing corrosion on steel, based on electrochemical theory, is the ionization of steel which generates anode and cathode. Zerust corrosion-inhibiting series of products are leveraging chemical NI-22790 to inhibit ionization on anode and cathode for inhibiting corrosion. It has unique buffering system for gradually neutralizing acid level to maintain a PH value of 4.5 ~ 10.5. This produces significant inhibiting effects on corrosions rooted from sulfide gas, chlorine, ammonia, and salt.

VCI Bag VCI Large Size Bag VCI Gusset Bag

Anti-oxidation & anti-static VCI Poly Bag
This is the result of combining two technologies, anti-oxidation and anti-static. It is applicable in packaging all sorts of electronic components.
This product is applicable in packaging mechanical parts, auto parts, and electronic components for corrosion prevention purposes.
Anti-oxidation & VCI Bag
This product is applicable in packaging non-ferrous electronic components and accessories for anti-oxidization purposes.

VCI Rail Zipper Bag
It is applicable for packaging assorted types of ferrous and non-ferrous component products to corrosion prevention and it can be conveniently stored.

Mental Type Ferrous Non-ferrous Ferrous & Non-ferrous Gold & Silver
Color Yellow Orange Light Orange White


All sorts of steel products, tooling, mechanical & auto parts, hardware components, precision components.

All sorts of non-ferrous products such as Copper, Aluminum, Zinc
Products requiring anti-oxidation.

Parts & electronic components products made of combining ferrous and non-ferrous.

Product made of gold and silver and gold-plated and silver-plated high-tech components such as IC, diode, and LCD.


Sealed on three sides and can be vacuum sealed


  • High-tech products allowing for prevention of oxidation and corrosion
  • Dew condensation prevention during shipment. (by air or by sea)
  • High tension resistant
  • Can be vacuum sealed for excellent humidity resistance.
  • Tolerable at Extreme Low Temperature
  • High resistance to water and humidity
  • Anti-Static capability
  • Vacuum sealable to save space
  • Easy packing, clear transparency allowing for quick content condition inspection

Application Areas:

  • Corrosion Prevention– electronic components, auto parts, and precision instruments
  • Humidity Prevention – IT products, precision optical components, IC, and PCB
  • Dew condensation Prevention – sea container, air freight

Dual-track zip lock bag and can be vacuum sealed

Anti-corrosion Vacuum Bag – Patent Approval Certification, Patent Number I284109
Stainless Coil Anti-dew condensation Project
Shipment for European Cargo
1. Stainless Rolls, 9 tons/roll 3.Put in desiccant and vacuum seal the item
2. Covered with specially made vacuum bag 4. Completion

Vaporization Theory
  • ZERUST VCI film, bag, and paper can be conveniently applied in packaging needs. Sealing methods such as heat-sealing, tape sealing, and stapler can be used while achieving the best anti-corrosion results.
  • ZERUST VCI paper offer more than one year of life cycle.
  • ZERUST VCI film and bag can offer 3years of anti-corrosion effectiveness, when the metal is clean、dry, storage under 30℃, and 50% of relative humidity.
  • ZERUST VCI film, bag, and paper have been certified per MIL-PRF-22019D specification.
  • ZERUST VCI paper have been certified per MIL-P-3420 specification.
VCI Stretch Film
This product is applicable in packaging irregularly-shaped metal products for corrosion prevention.
VCI Shrink Film
This product is applicable in production line for corrosion prevention.
ZERUST Product Characteristics
Greatly reduce operational burden (expenses) The film product is applicable in stringent environment with excellent corrosion prevention capability. It greatly reduces labor efforts and time spent in packaging due to only going through bundling process. In addition, it is convenient in confirming package content due to its transparency.

Creating Clean and Comfortable Work Environment
The product is produced in accordance with FDA safety standard of United States. Therefore, there will not have issues such as additives affixed to the clothing of operators or released into surrounding environments.

Zerust Outdoor Preservation Shrink

Zerust® Outdoor Preservation VCI Shrink Film provides advanced protection to metals with Zerust Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology. This is a premium high-strength 8 mil, high-performance shrink film with UV stabilizers for 3-year outdoor protection. The film shrinks and conforms to objects when heated to repel moisture and contaminants. Zerust VCI saturates the interior of the packaging to protect hard-to-reach spaces and voids from corrosion.

This specially designed VCI shrink film is ideal for lay-up and mothballing of equipment, vehicles and outdoor storage of components. Multiple sheets can be shrunk together for any size application such as structures and machinery. Zerust Outdoor Preservation Film protects valuable metal assets and makes them ready to use whenever and wherever they are needed.


High strength and performance

3-year outdoor protection

Proven corrosion protection

Excellent shrink properties

Superior handling and drape

Safe for electronics


Application Example
Valuable assets are protected from
corrosion when stored outdoors.
Zerust film enables items to be
stored near the project site and
be operationally ready.
Application Example

Application Type

Works with Zerust VCI diffusers

Multiple uses for Zerust preservation VCI shrink film. Application Example Application Example


Zerust® ICT®510-OPS Film is a heat responsive durable film that shrinks and forms a durable package.
Appearance Typical color is gray. Additional colors available upon request. Subject to order minimums.
Protection Duration Up to 3 years outdoors and up to 5 years indoors.
Storage Store in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight for up to 2 years.
Protected Metal
Ferrous metal protection. Multimetal and non-ferrous protection are available upon request.


PN 100-F-00070 ferrous, UVI film
Thickness: 8 mil (203 μm) sheeting
Size: 20’ (6 m) W x 100’ (30.5 m) L
Custom sizes and thicknesses
available upon request. Minimum
order quantities apply.

Accessories: PN 250-X-00001
White preservation tape (8 rolls/case)

• Safe for people. This product does not pose a health hazard to users due to its classification
as an article according to EU REACH, UN GHS, US OSHA HazCom and CA WHIMS regulations.
• Zerust VCI chemistry is safe for sensitive electronics. No galvanic effects, residues or changes in the properties of metals. The protective molecules dissipate upon opening of package.