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Zerust ® Axxaclean™ 2048

Product information
Zerust Axxaclean 2048 is a fast acting, economical, and environmentally safe rust and tarnish remover.
It generally removes light to medium rust and tarnish in minutes in temperate room and outdoor environments. *
Zerust Axxaclean 2048 can be used for all ferrous metals, brass, copper and various alloys. Cleaned parts are free of gray or black carbon residue.
Heavily rusted parts damaged from the rust process may have surface roughness, but scale and rust will be gone.

Corrosion Protection
Unlike many rust removers in the market. metal parts cleaned by Zerust Axxaclean 2048 and then thoroughly brushed, wiped and/or blown dry may not require post rinsing with de-ionized water. **
Zerust Axxaclean 2048 has temporary rust-preventive chemistry built-in for immediate protection from flash-rust for up to 2 weeks of sheltered storage.
For corrosion protection longer than 2 weeks or unsheltered parts, use Zerust packaging films or Zerust corrosion preventative coatings such as Z-Maxx, Axxanol and Axxatec products.

Zerust Axxaclean 2048 contains weak organic acid cleaning components to eliminate gray surface residues after rust removal.
The solution has a mildly acidic pH of 2.5 which is a bit more acidic than lemonade and tomato juice, and less acidic than vinegar and cola soda.
Spent rust remover is safe and non-toxic, containing only dilute concentrations of iron ions.
It can be flushed down the drain, unless limited by local regulations or local waste water treatment facility.

Zerust Axxaclean 2048 comes in multiple delivery forms: Sprays-on, Immersion, Brush-on and Sprat-Polish Kit.

*Result and time may vary depending on the degree of rust or tarnish on the metal, and will take longer at lower temperatures (about times longer for each 10C or 20F)
**intricate parts with crevices that cannot be thoroughly dried should be rinsed and blow-dried (filter moisture from compressed air lines).

Usage & Type
AXXACLEAN 2048 - YD (YELLOW) Immersion
AXXACLEAN 2048 - BS (BLUE) Spray
AXXACLEAN 2048 - PB (PINK) Brush-On

Quickly removes rust and tarnish
Built-in rust inhibitors
Rinse is not necessary
No VOC's, CFC's, no silicones, or heavy metals
Non-toxic and biodegradable
Safe for all types of metals
Compatible with painted surfaces
Cleaned surface can be painted or welded
Does not leave stain or gray-black carbon residues

Recover rusted parts with Zerust Axxaclean 2048

Saves time and rework
Saves money
Improves yields and productivity
Reduces scrap and waste

186ft2 (17m2) of 1 mil 25µm rust removal per gallon.
Axxaclean 2048 is ready to use without dilution.

Shelf life & handling
Shelf life of 2 years if stores out of direct sunlight.
Zerust Axxaclean 2048 may freeze as it contains a large percentage of water, but will remain fully functional when thawed to ambient temperature.

Zerust ® ICT™ 620-RR

Zerust ® ICT™ 620-RR is a very safe and efficient rust remover. For rust conditions occurred on inner metal surface and small gear wheel, it can completely achieve rust removing and restore original luster conditions. It can also efficiently replace labor rework process to avoid damaging metal surfaces.

Zerust ® ICT™ 620-RR Rust Remover combined with iron-containing chemical elements, it can effectively remove iron oxides. As this attribute targets at iron oxides, it will not damage the surfaces of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The soaking time depends on degree of corrosion, typically five minutes to twenty four hours.

  • Fast reacting and convenient to use
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-toxic, scentless, and non-irritating
  • Biodegradable (environmentally safe ingredients)


Effectively removing rust and restoring metal to its original conditions, reducing the needs for complicated polishing, and minimizing wasting labor, money, and resources.

Rust Remover  C-2500

  • Corrosion and stain deposits on machines or equipment will become obvious as years go by
  • Can easily remove rust and stains caused by carbon deposits and create shining looks on equipment
  • C-2500 is the remover for simultaneously removing rust and carbon deposits
  • Especially applicable for removing rust caused by WIRE CUT machines and carbon deposits caused by electro discharge
  1. Can be applied using spraying, painting, brushing, and soaking methods
  2. Takes a cloth and fully dip with adequate solvent and gently wipe clean the rust and dirt stain from top layer
  3. Wipes clean the finished product with dry cloth

    Appearance: blue and translucent liquid
    Surface Tension (15 ℃):35dyn/㎝
    PH: 2.31
    Special Attention
  1. Cannot use on non-ferrous steel. When cleansing rust occurred at peeled-off spot, the coating will change color when touching the liquid
  2. After applying C-2500, it only needs wiping with dry cloth to inhibit rust from reappearing. However, storage condition will cause rust to reappear
  3. Rust cannot be simply removed when occurred from within and requires repeating wiping to remove rust when rust deposits are not buried deep

Rust Remover CM-888

  • Can remove rust caused by WIRE CUT rework machine discharge
  • Can simultaneously remove rust and dirt stain; Work independently on rust and stain for achieving better cleansing effects
  • Easy for naturally water dissolving
  • No need to worry about re-appearing of rust when wiped clean after use
  • Easy for visual check – It changes to purple color after interacting with rust, hence confirming that the rust has been decomposed

Appearance: translucent liquid (a little bit murky) PH:7.8