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What is Zerust Consumer Products (ZCP)?

ZCP Design Concept

Based on customers’ expectations on the shape of packaging result, we will perform a second operation (sewing & sealing), which is different from the conventional poly packaging. ZCP allows for conveniently install and remove packages while saving labor costs. When packaging large machinery, it can be easily done without costing much labor expenses and operational time, while allowing for reuse of packaging materials.

Based on customers’ requirements (shape, storage, transport method, validity period), the most appropriate material will be selected to use with VCI high-tech anti-corrosion approaches for packaging products in order to achieve 3-in-1 results of anti-corrosion, water proofing, and dust free.

ZCP Basic Operational Flow
Customer Inquiry Provide Design Recommendations to Customer Confirm with Customers on Design Price Quotation
  Arrange for Samples and Improvements Arrange for Formal Orders

Fire Track Cover for Finland
Aircrafts Rib‘s Cover for UK

Multiple Layer VCI Flange Cover (UV-Cut & Fire Retardant)
Snowmobile Shrink Cover for USA