corrosion inhibiting clinic

Tension, Fracture, and Puncture Tests (Taiwan)
Salt Spray Chamber Test (Taiwan)
Sulfate Test Kit (Taiwan)
Constant Temperature and Humidity Machine (Japan)
Rust Analysis (Germany)

Solution Routine

1.Survey & Analysis Stage

During Survey & Analysis stage, it is required to fully understand problems faced in corrosion prevention and the environments, through which customers’ products are produced, stored, and delivered, to determine the root causes.  As a result of this analysis, certain assumptions for a solution will be derived.


2.Proposal Stage

At Proposal stage, problems will be reviewed to decide priority order based on certain assumptions. By applying years of problem solving experiences and different corrosion prevention approaches, we will propose to customers a customized solution.

3. Validation Stage

In deciding materials used for solution deployment, we will perform various testing on samples, including at packaging and bundling stages. It is also recommended that our customers work with Field Test Service for assessing and verifying the effectiveness of the solution.

4. Deployment Stage

During deployment stage, our sales engineers will provide appropriate recommendations and perform open-box checkup at the delivery point. In the meantime, we will hold classes and seminars for customers to provide guidance, with the help of our global support system, in corrosion prevention for optimal effectiveness. In addition, we will help investigate safety and environmental standards related regulations for foreign countries.