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Zerust Anti-Corrosion Theory

What is VCI?

Simply put, VCI is Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting. At room temperature, it utilizes emission of rust-inhibiting vapor that dissolves in water in the open air for inhibiting "rust" from electrochemical reaction.

The Zerust VCI uses three different approaches for inhibiting corrosion from occurring on the surfaces of metal:

  • Deactivating conduction of electrons between anode and cathode on the surface of metal
  • Forming a physical water-proof layer to prevent water and humidity from contacting the metal surface causing electrolyte
  • Adjusting PH value in the electrolyte


Zerust Corrosion Prevention Mechanisms

As a result of dew condensation effects, the water droplets staying on the surface of metal cause electrochemical reactions which result in corrosion.

The Zerust Film contains Zerust molecules that dissolve in naturally-vaporized water molecules at room temperature. The Zerust molecules can minimize the imbalanced electrical potential on the metal surface and inhibit electromechanical reactions for achieving corrosion prevention results.