corrosion inhibiting clinic

Founded in 1990, our company is a joint venture based on capitals from US and Japan. Our focus has been on manufacturing, sales, and marketing of Zerust VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting) Product Series. Both material supply and production technology used in the production of the products are coming directly from the authorization of Northern Technologies International Corp. of US (Listed on NASDAQ Exchange, US). The company operation is under management by Japanese company NIKKA INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.

Our VCI series of products are manufactured using high-tech processes, and through utilizing emission of rust-inhibiting vapor for inhibiting "rust" from electrochemical reaction, which is different from traditional anti-corrosion products. The products have multiple economical benefits including ease-of-use, time and effort saving in its application, taking up little physical space, and strengthening overall product competitiveness. Currently, the products have been widely used and highly appraised by advanced and industrialized countries worldwide. In addition, the products have been certified and approved in US, Japan, and Taiwan according to multiple certification requirements and the complete approvals of ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

Northern Technologies International Corp, US Headquarter